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Finding the right person to meet your hiring needs requires a lot of work, usually occurring at a time when you are short staffed. The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre can make the process easier for you while ensuring that you receive qualified, skilled and suitable individuals.

Let us save you time, money, and effort by sourcing and sending prescreened applicants to you. We have thousands of résumés on file, and often usually start the process of forwarding résumés of qualified job seekers within hours of receiving your request.

We also operate an 'online job postings' database for employers who would also like to advertise their employment opportunities to a wider range of job seekers.

Best of all, we are a non-profit, government contracted organization, so we will provide you with these servicesU at no cost to your business, ever. In fact, based on eligibility, we may be able to offset some of the initial cost of training new employees.

We are an ISO registered company (since 2004); we deliver on our promises to employers. We will keep in contact on a regular basis and follow up on all actions.

Find out more on how our services can improve the efficiency of your business and what we can do for you.




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