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Who is an "experienced worker"?

All workers 45 years of age and over.


Mission Statement

To raise awareness among currently unemployed and employed workers in the Durham Region, to the importance of maintaining and increasing their employability skills while educating employers about the value of experienced workers.

 Our Commitment:

With the financial support of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) along with community partners and the Experienced Workers Advisory Group realize that workers 45 years of age and over represent a rich human resource with their own distinct employability issues.  



  To heighten awareness of the needs of experienced workers

  To raise awareness among experienced workers the importance of  

       maintaining/increasing their employability by continuing to develop knowledge on an ongoing basis.

  To increase public awareness of the employment services available within each community in Durham Region

  Outreach to employers, to educate and promote the value of experienced  workers and a balanced    



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