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Spring is almost here.... it's time to get out of hibernation.


Connecting with and growing your network can have a positive impact on your job search. Enjoy the warmer temperatures by participating in networking events and programs in the Durham Region.


If you are aged 15-29, we offer several Employment Ontario programs that connect young people to job opportunities and enable safe, inclusive and supportive interaction amongst a group of peers.


The Pickering Welcome Centre has a wide range of workshops and activities for newcomers to participate in and there are plenty of networking events happening throughout the region on a regular basis.


Learn more by reading this newsletter. Happy Spring!


Unemployed Youth?

Are you an unemployed youth or do you know someone who is?



Youth can gain mentorship, support, education, skills and guaranteed job opportunities by participating in free youth employment programs.


A participant of Youth Job Connection stated that the program "helped form a routine and to get used to starting a work day."


Other participants have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect to a source of employment guidance throughout the year and to network with peers who face similar challenges.


Avoid waiting lists. We will find the program that's right for you.


Schedule an appointment with an Employment Counsellor and learn of guaranteed employment opportunities.



This Employment Ontario project is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Re-Thinking Automation


As automation continues to eliminate jobs in Canada, it is time to rethink skills training.



Dominic Barton is the head of the government's economic growth advisory council.


At a conference with university students, administrators and educators he indicated that 40% of Canada's existing jobs will disappear due to automation.


By making some employment positions irrelevant, technological advancements threaten to deepen income inequality.


Dominic Barton states that government and universities need to help workers' skills remain relevant by finding ways to upgrade their skills regularly.


Learn more by reading the Times Colonist article from February, 2017.




Living Wage in Durham

A Living Wage is different than the Minimum Wage as it is reflective of the income required to make a decent living in a specific community.




The Community Development Council of Durham (CDCD) conducted a year-long investigation to determine the living wage required for a family of four in the Durham Region.


Being able to cover costs related to clothing, food, shelter, vehicle, transportation, health insurance, childcare and social inclusion enable families to maintain their health and well-being while participating in meaningful community and family activities.


As a result of the study, it was determined that in order to support a family of four, two individuals would require a $17/hour wage.


CDCD's Living Wage assessment for Durham Region was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. View the CDCD Infographic.


Diversity and Global Talent


Embracing diversity and inclusion in Canada may help attract the global talent that is required to remain competitive on an international scale.




Business leaders in Canada often describe the pursuit to recruit highly skilled professionals as a "war for talent."


Businesses in Canada have faced challenges in attracting the talent that they need because of the fierce competition for global talent.


Due to the current political climate, it seems that businesses in Canada are poised to differentiate themselves by committing to inclusion and diversity. The recruitment advantage is being referred to as "Brand Canada".


Read the Globe and Mail article.


Talking About Recruitment

Last month, the Pickering Welcome Centre hosted a successful Meet the Recruiter event for Newcomers.



Representatives from the fields of Project Management, Small Business, Banking and Trades were on-site to share advice and job search tips to participants.


The newcomers who attended the event were Internationally Trained Professionals with varying backgrounds.


Each of the panelists were asked a series of questions about their positions - how they entered their field, a typical salary range, what they do during their work day, education required, etc.


Industry Specialists also answered questions from participants during the event.


Find out what is happening at the Pickering Welcome Centre by clicking on this link.


Electricity Rate Cut


Recently, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made an announcement regarding the cost of hydro.



According to the Toronto Star, Ontario will move to cut Ontario hydro bills by 25%.


Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault stated: "We’re looking right now at doing some very quick, tangible rebates that people will see in the very, very near future.”


Learn more by clicking here.


Student Career Strategies

A new report from People for Education indicates that students in Ontario are not benefiting as they could be from Ontario's Careers Strategy that was initiated in 2013.



The report praises the program but states that it falls short in implementation due to a shortage of Guidance Counsellors. Helping students understand their interests will be key in navigating a complex labour market.


Read the Toronto Star article.




Constable Jarrod Singh, with the Durham Regional Police Service, responded to a call in downtown Oshawa last month.




The reported disturbance turned out to be a dance troupe shooting a video at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.


The Constable had a little fun dancing with the young group.


A video of him has been viewed and circulated more than a million times. Constable Singh is now lovingly referred to as #DurhamDancingCop.

Disability and Employment

Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, will make employment a key focus of in her efforts to craft new laws in Canada.




In order to address Canada's long history of a low employment rate among the disabled population, the minister states that it is crucial to remove barriers to accessibility in the workplace.


New legislation will likely address customer service standards and building codes while initiatives may include targeted programs.


Click here to read the Toronto Star .


Job Opportunities

Operations Secretary

Welder, TIG

Automotive Mechanic


Receptionist - Seasonal

Head Cashier

Carpenter Helper

Coordinator, Tax and Revenue

Continuous Improvement Coach

Operations Secretary

Aggregate Plant Operator

Fibre Optics Technician

Chiropractic Assistant

Manager, Commercial Banking

Senior Manager


Summer Student Positions:


Construction Inspector

QA Specialist

Warehouse Person

Front End Cashier


Please come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.


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This Employment Ontario project is funded by the Government of Ontario.




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