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June marks the 6th year of Employment E-News! We are pleased to continue to offer relevant and valuable information to keep you informed and help you achieve your employment goals!


Opportunities for Youth

Did you know that we offer several programs to help young people find work?



In fact, we guarantee a job interview within 4 weeks of starting one of the youth-centric Employment Ontario programs offered at the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre.


Make sure you are working this summer! Now is the time to take advantage of our free services and programs.


Take a look at our Youth web portal for more information.


Schedule an appointment and find out how we can get you working!


Ontario's Economy Boom


Ontario is expected to lead economic growth in Canada according to Canada's big banks.



Statistics Canada recently announced that Ontario's unemployment rate is at 5.8% - the lowest it has been in 16 years.


Ontario has added almost 100,000 full-time jobs in 2017 and part-time jobs have decreased by 10,200.


A range of sectors are experiencing the benefits of Ontario's economic boom including technology, manufacturing, real estate and finance.


Interested in learning more? Read the Globe and Mail article "Ontario regaining status as economic engine for Canada".


Millennial Labour Market

The Globe and Mail recently surveyed young people to ask them about their experience in the Labour Market.



Millennials report that their job search is frustrating, tough, and difficult.


Based on responses provided, 23.4% of millennials between the ages of 19 - 30 have precarious work; 21% are working more than one job; and 31.9% are not employed in the field of education that they studied in.


This is bad news for the economy.


Without secure employment, youth cannot contribute to economic growth or sustain the needs of a rapidly increasing aging population.


Take a look at The Globe and Mail video - "Carrick Talks Money: Millennials struggling in the job market".


Labour Shortages


There is a shortage of skilled tradespeople in Canada.



Employers desperately need skilled trades workers including: - chefs, electricians, carpenters, aviation technicians


It is projected that in a decade, Canada will have a shortage of 800,000 workers in the trades.


It has been suggested that 40% of all new jobs over the next 20 years will be related to technology and skilled trades.


The jobs are out there and the salaries are higher than average wages. Why not improve your opportunity for continued employment and consider a career in skilled trades and technology?

Employment Standards Act

The Changing Workplaces Review – Final Report outlines proposed amendments to modify Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, 2000 and Labour Relations Act, 1995.



Intended to address the changing Labour Market, an independent review proposes 173 legislative changes to labour relations and employment standards.


The public consultation involved research and a wide range of expert input.


For more information, click to access "The Changing Workplaces Review an Agenda for Workplace Rights" Summary Report.


A Living Wage


Anti-poverty agencies are putting Living Wage theories to the test.



Mission Services of London, Ontario recently announced that all of its employees will earn at least a Living Wage of $15.53/hr.


Part-time Sales Associate, Carol Keep, indicates that receiving an extra $4 an hour has made a huge difference in her life - it means she can help support her children, contribute to household costs and give more to charity.


The United Way in London is currently working to take on the city’s anti-poverty strategy by encouraging employers to pay a Living Wage.


A Living Wage impacts quality of life, helps the economy, increases work production and influences employee retention.


Newcomer Mentor Match

If you or someone you know is an Internationally Trained Professional looking for work, take advantage of The Mentoring Partnership's Mentor Match Event on June 22nd in Pickering!



Newcomers who have been in Canada for three years or less with three years of on-the-job work experience before coming to Canada may be eligible for the program.


We can connect professionally trained newcomers to experienced mentors!


Pickering Welcome Centre

1400 Bayly Street - Unit 5, Pickering (next to GO)
June 22nd, 2017 at 2:00-4:00pm


Please register by calling 905-420-3008 or email jswinfo@unemployedhelp.on.ca.



Minimum Wage Raise


Last month, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that the provincial minimum wage will increase to $15/hour by January 1, 2019.



The change to the minimum wage will be phased in over an 18 month, rising to $14/hour by January 1, 2018.


Wynne states, "People are working longer, jobs are less secure, benefits are harder to come by and protections are fewer and fewer," said Wynne. "In a time of change like this, when the very nature of work is being transformed, we need to make certain that our workers are treated fairly." 


Read the CBC News article for more information.


Durham's 5 Year Plan

The Durham Region has a vision that they want to bring to life over the next five years - DURHAM REGION IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE.



The 2017-2021 Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan outlines a multi-faceted and integrated approach to enhance economic development in Durham.


As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, the Durham Region offers several key benefits including a comprehensive transportation network (air, rail, highways), exceptional innovation, a talented workforce, and more.


Click to read about the strategy.


Job Opportunities

School Bus Driver

Tire Technician

Coordinator-Volunteer Resources

Summer Student - Camp



Produce Clerk


Scheduling Clerk

Power Engineer, Second Class

Carpenter Helper

Child and Youth Worker

Administrative Assistant


Early Childhood Education


Metal Roofer

French Teacher

HR Generalist

Account Specialist

Autism Support Assistant

Junior Bookkeeper

Companion Support Worker



Note: The Job Opportunities listed may expire throughout the month.


Please come in to one of the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre locations to view many more job postings.


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Durham's Age Friendly Plan



Two years ago, the Region of Durham received a grant from the Province of Ontario to initiate an age-friendly community planning process.



The Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan was created after engaging in extensive research and discussion within the community. As a result of the conversations with stakeholders, the community is moving towards a more collaborative and sustainable approach to help meet the needs of Durham residents across their lifespan.


The Age-Friendly Plan recognizes the role that each of us have in creating a community where all citizens feel valued and included, at any age.


Click to learn more about the plan.








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