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In this edition of Employment E-News we offer a glimpse into the current local, provincial and national labour market.


If you are entering or re-entering the labour force, do your research. Find out what type of industry is in-demand and who is hiring in your region. Use your strengths, interests and abilities to find the type of work that is right for you.


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Where do Residents Work?

Executive Director of the Durham Workforce Authority, Heather McMillan, recently reported on the type of occupations held by Durham Region residents.



The trends for the Oshawa CMA (including Oshawa, Whitby and Clarington populations) follow trends related to employment by occupation in the GTA and in the province.


A steady increase in trades, transport and equipment operators has been reported with more than 4,100 jobs created from 2006-2011.


Additional job increases were found in sales and service, education, law, community and government services, business, finance and administration occupations. The most significant increase is found in the sales and service sector with more than 7,800 jobs created from 2006-2011.


Manufacturing, utilities and management positions have all seen a decrease in numbers.


Employers report skilled labour shortages in technical sales specialists for wholesale trade, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing.


Read Behind the Numbers: Where Durham Region residents are working.



Best Job Prospects


If you live in Ontario and you are you looking for a career with strong employment prospects, you may want to consider the field of nursing.



An analytical report released by Emsi identified the top job trends in the province.


At the top of the expected job gains are positions in the field of health. Within five years, nursing - in particular, is expected to see the biggest jobs gains in Ontario.


Learn more.

Fast Growing Tech Sector

Toronto is the fastest growing North American talent tech market according to a new report released by a commercial real estate and investment firm in Los Angeles - CBRE.



The ability to attract and grow talent tech talent was ranked amongst fifty US and Canadian city markets.


This year, Toronto moved to 6th place from 12th place in 2016. The high ranking is due, in large part, to the fact that Toronto's talent employment base has grown by the highest number of workers from 2015-2016. While San Francisco added 11,540 new tech jobs and New York added 5,370, Toronto added 22,500 new jobs in tech.


It is reported that Toronto is a cost-effective market to operate in with a high-quality talent pool. Canada's Immigration policies were cited as a key determinant in recruiting the best international talent.


View the full report here.


Country of Origin


During Canada Day celebrations in Pickering, the Durham Welcome Centres asked people to identify their country of origin and write about their favourite place or thing in Canada.


The pictures below reflect the activities, vibrant colours, and love for Canada experienced on Canada Day:




Meet the Recruiter

The new one-on-one component at the Pickering Welcome Centre's "Meet the Recruiter" event was a big success!



Attendees participated in a“Warm Networking and Calling Card” workshop and spent five minutes with each of the six mentors discussing a particular topic.


Mentors offered on the spot résumé critiques, social media tips and interview scenarios.


Take a look at the feedback about the event:


- “I got so many ideas for my job search.”

- “I’ve learned a lot on how to target on each job.”

- “It connected people together.”

- “Improved my Network”


Stay tuned for the next "Meet the Recruiter" event.


Call 905-420-3607 for more information. Visit the Welcome Centre website.


Employment Standards


Are you interested in learning about employee rights and employer obligations in Ontario?



The Ontario Ministry of Labour establishes employment standards including minimum wage, hours of work, public holidays and more.


There are plenty of resources available on the Ministry of Labour website including tools and calculators that can help employers and employees understand and calculate entitlements for public holiday pay, termination pay, hours of work, overtime, etc.


Disability and Work

A new employment strategy for people with disabilities was recently launched by the Province of Ontario.



The long-awaited employment strategy for people with disabilities promises to create job experience opportunities for disabled youth and to roll out a supported employment pilot project.


Ontario will lead by example by working harder to be a barrier-free employer for disabled workers.


The province also indicated that employers hiring more than 20 people should commit to hiring at least one person with a disability.


Read more to learn about the employment strategy for people with disabilities.


Innovative Co-op Students


Employers are always looking for ways to drive business innovation.



According to a recent Globe and Mail article, carefully managed projects to hire resourceful, innovative and tech-savvy co-op students can catalyze innovation in business.


Recently, five students were paired with five CIBC Mellon employees in an incubator space. Their mandate was to identify business opportunities and find solutions to business challenges.


The team came up with some big ideas including an enterprise-side communication tool to encourage collaboration and a virtual reality tool to help clients and employees assimilate data.


CIBC saw both tangible and non-tangible results. The project was exciting for students and employees alike. Students had the experience of their lives while employees were motivated to get involved and innovate.


Read the article.


Creativity = Happy Employee

Have you ever wondered which profession makes you the happiest?



A study initiated by Robert Half and Happiness Works surveyed more than 12,000 Canadian and U.S. workers to find out what type of profession leads to happiness at work.


Results indicate that creative and marketing professionals lead the pack - reporting the highest level of interest and contentment at work.


Determining factors in levels of happiness include:


1. Work that is worthwhile - employees like to know how their work contributions support the organizational mandate


2. Opportunities for growth and learning


3. Flexibility at work


4. Customizable work space


5. An open and transparent work environment


To read newswire.ca article "Creatives Are The Happiest Employees", click here.

Job Opportunities

Garbage Loaders

Foreperson and Flat Roofer

Centre for Food Coordinator

Accounting Clerk

Dietary Aide

Central Scheduling Officer

DZ Drivers


Fabrication Welder

Crossing Guard

Co-op Housing Coordinator

Garbage Truck Driver

Residence Services Lead

Co-op Housing Coordinator

Advertising Consultant

Retail Manager


School Bus Driver

Early Childhood Assistant

Bilingual Public Services Clerk

Receptionist/Office Assistant

Child and Youth Worker


Note: The Job Opportunities listed may expire throughout the month.


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New Citizenship Study Guide



The Government of Canada has released a new draft version of the Canadian Citizenship Study Guide. It highlights Canadian responsibilities and Indigenous Peoples.



A draft version of a new study guide for the citizenship exam indicates that completing the census, paying taxes and respecting treaties with Indigenous Peoples are mandatory obligations of Canadian citizenship.


The rewrite of the Canadian Citizenship Study Guide is part of a broader renewal of citizenship laws and process is underway.


Read the Toronto Star article: "New citizenship study guide highlights Indigenous Peoples, Canadian responsibilities".








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